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The party situation of Seventh-Day Adventist on The Spring Festival (Zhejiang)

The party situatiion of Kunyang Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Pingyang Town, Zhejiang Provence, on 2010 Spring Festival.The number of people took part in party was half more than usual.

Preacher: Presbyter. Daizhang Lin

Translator: Worker. Dexing Lin

Performed plays in the afternoon

Blessing prayer:Presbyter. Zuohua Lai


antemeridian party situation


middle aged to elderly choir performed songs



Presbyter. Daizhang Lin(left)Worker. Dexing Lin(right)


The preached scene of Presbyter. Daizhang Lin


After preached, we broke up and sang songs, Worker. Yingsong Zhan played the piano.


In the nooning time, Presbyter. Daizhang Lin and Pinhai Fu and some other workers prayed for patients.


Performance began at the afternoon, the hosts were worker Yongxian Ouyang and Enjia Zhang.



theology class sang songs

middle aged sisters' dance " We Want Wo Sing A New Song To The Lord"


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